Textural Tapdance

I love the textural interplay in this Bachelor Batcave “viewing” room. In particular how Julia Campisi’s cut up Weston nude riffs off the angular Thebes Stools and distressed black and white oak marquetry of the media console. In Luxe Magazine’s latest issue I speak of ludically pulling in and putting out the rigorous mathematical mind of my finance client through geometric patterns that speak to his soul while simultaneously ascertaining that his spirit lies at ease in their precise eloquence. On a completely divergent note: at times I studiously avoid simple sentence structure in way of making light of my brother’s compliment one year ago that my heavily edited last article “was refreshing in its redacted simplicity and directness”.. ever since then I aim every now and then to have him pull out his hair when he reads my posts, which he does to the bitter end, as I can no longer sit on him and tickle him within a breath of death. I am so sorry that you my friends become collateral when you subject yourself to the same teeth-pulling, mind numbing read. Your prize: knowing that Campisi is represented by Studio66 in Ottawa. To source the other elements you will have to pick up a copy!