Painterly Purity

One always aspires to be a little more of what one feels is out of reach for oneself. Purity of space is chief amongst what I daydream to achieve once in my life. It is rare to come across this type of space without it also seeming empty. Emptiness, or vacuum of feeling, is counterbalanced most often by organic materials that speak to our nature of and from nature. We are wood and we are steel, we are flowers and we are light, we are rigor and abstract, we are absent and present. I had a dream of building a house from scratch in a neighborhood rich in history on a land where paper mills perched above a fast moving river. I would have built it in the modern language present here, while at the same time infusing it with the warmth that tradition ultimately conveys. The sculptural mood board on the second page, albeit not attached to this architectural gem, could be its Rorschach reflection. The art of a mood board is very seldom played out in the world at large and is often left to be admired by the most exclusive of all clients. Again, the fine balance between the obvious and the ephemeral, the material and the ideation, the colors in textures and shades in forms.. these are a few of my favorite things.