Beachside Candyshop

Tomorrow I present my client with a concept I came up with after meeting her for an initial consult. The first meeting with a new client is possibly the most important one. In two hours a designer should be able to feel the essence of the person, understand her colors, her desires, her style and her dreams while sometimes even revealing them to her by foraging into drawers or sparking spoken word stories over a glass of sparkling water. The concept revealed itself to me a few weeks later as it often takes time for an idea to settle into clear lines and direction for me. I call this part of the creative process “mulching”. It may well be my favorite part especially when the title theme emerges and I can then double down. Welcome to “Beachside Candy Shop”: a place inspired by the youth and sunniness of my client, it incorporates her taste for retro innocence and style with the fun and flavor of a South of France holiday. The materials reflective of this concept incorporate beach towel tassels, seaside bistro rattan Chairs, seashell surfaces, lagoon blue carpets, straw lighting and tropical tribal patterns. Incorporating art was essential. These pieces are from the freshest crop of local, young and prolific artists. Accessible to the wallet and eye candy for the senses. Imagine coming home to a vacation. When times were simple and days were long and lazy.