meet henrietta

An accomplished decorator and designer with unique experience in both Canada and the US, Henrietta Southam focuses her vision to create distinctive and personal spaces for discerning clients. The daughter of NAC Founder Hamilton Southam and a Norwegian artist mother, Henrietta was born into an art and performance passionate environment and educated in Europe, Canada, and the US.

She draws on early influences to encourage her creativity and vision to reach for new possibilities, evolving her style, approach, and capabilities by insatiably absorbing the trends and innovations around her, and by developing her own unique styles.

Born from a deep appreciation of form, colour, texture, rhythm, and harmony, Henrietta’s design career began in Miami, where she spent more than 10 years working with clients in the arts, sports, and entertainment industries. Having returned to Canada, Henrietta is uniquely poised to build on her experience and innovative design styles to design and develop enviable residential, commercial, and restaurant spaces for an international clientele.


design concept and execution

Henrietta ensures a turn key approach, providing complete concept design, project management, and execution including sourcing and installation for design projects ranging from rooms to entire homes, commercial, and restaurant spaces. Henrietta works with architects and architectural drawings to design and realize the interior space.


Henrietta provides décor consultations for homes and commercial spaces, adding a personal touch and client flair to each project.

product sourcing

From custom spun silks, to the ideal lamp or accessory, Henrietta is inspired by unique pieces and utilizes her well-honed sourcing talent and international contacts to find the perfect piece for each space.

interior design

Building on her client’s vision and experience, Henrietta provides complete interior design concepts for homes, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Henrietta also works with architects and architectural drawings to provide the design and help to realize the vision for the interior design of newly conceived, built, and renovated spaces.


Staging a home can be a difficult task, Henrietta can provide staging services to ensure your space is functional and looks ready for sale, photography, entertaining, and more.


Henrietta works with her clients to realize a unique design for their space, and puts pen to paper to sketch the results of her vision. Henrietta’s detailed sketches can be used to ensure accuracy and proper execution and placement throughout the design process.

restaurant concept and design

Drawing on international experience and her own distinct style, Henrietta works with restauranteurs to design and realize unique spaces that will appeal to their clientele and reflect the intended tone, tenor, quality, and character.